GD Performance Horses


An individual training program for each horse

Training for consistent performance
From the moment Gabe walks into the stall, his horses know it’s time to go to work, and they’re ready to learn. Gabe creates an individual training program for each horse in his care, developing mutual trust and understanding so the horse can perform willingly and confidently. Gabe is rapidly building a record of Derby wins. But whether he’s showing an Open reiner or you’re competing as a Non Pro, Gabe trains each horse to reach its full potential in the show pen calmly and consistently.

What if you’re showing your horse yourself?

Gabe and his assistant, under his oversight, work the horses in full training five or six times a week. If you’re a Non Pro client showing your own reining horse in training with Gabe, you can take lessons with him as part of the regular program so that you enter the show pen as ready to win as your reiner.

Starting your young horse

Gabe starts young horses whether for reining, or any Western discipline. Working in the round pen and the arena, his goal is to develop the horse in a calm, accepting environment where the young horse learns with trust and confidence.


Gilroy Gates, 7800 Lake Road, Hollister, CA